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The handy adaptability of a knee length dress can make it the traveler’s best friend. Knee length dresses are great for smaller cruises and can be worn for many more occasions than a longer or shorter garment. A knee length dress can provide an entire day of dressing with one wash. Wash and wear knee length dresses can comprise a woman’s wardrobe where dressing is conservative and people don’t care to make extreme fashion statements.
A knee length dress is only out of style when prevailing fashion winds rules that some kind of extreme short or long length of skirt is de rigueur. This almost never happens, because not everybody looks good in those other lengths and not everybody is willing to invest a lot of money in a range of clothes that will be unwearable by the time fashion’s pendulum swings back to knee length. A well dressed woman is always in style, and the knee length dress is a familiar enough style to not raise eyebrows or attract unwanted notice or attention.

A tightly folded dress that is gently twisted or folded neatly can take care of the one or two nights in a vacation when relaxed yet more formal dining requires something other than a bikini or jeans. A peasant style knee length dress or knee length sundress can span extreme temperatures and sight see all day into evening but be flexible enough to go without having to return to the cabin or dwelling to change for dinner. In a lightweight cotton, linen, or silk the knee length dress becomes very breathable and comfortable for tropical and desert travel.
For travel, take the example of a sleeveless knee length dress gathered at the waist. With a dressy jacket, serious handbag, heels, and pearls, the knee length dress becomes half a suit. A severely cut knee length dress can be softened with less stark flowing hairstyles, bracelets and a casual watch. Then take the same dress and pair it with espadrilles and a cardigan sweater, beads and a floppy hat. The same dress is now suitable for a tourist walkabout in any foreign port. Sandals or casuals complete the look.
But the woman is also dressed for dinner if a nice restaurant is found. If she must dine with adults of any caliber, off comes the sweater, up comes the hair, and a lipstick make her dining suitable. Further this with a nice pair of earrings and a scarf the lady is dressed for a more formal dinner. A knee length dress of a smart cut and color can make the social scene without a woman packing a huge suitcase and hauling it around airports and taxis. A knee length dress is always feminine and tasteful.

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The Versatile Knee Length Dress

Any woman knows that the knee length dress is one of the most versatile items in a wardrobe. Knee length dresses can be the fashion emergency’s best friend. Varying requirements of dressing for separate occasions in one day can make a knee length dress the answer to a women’s fashion prayer. A knee length dress in basic black or white or a print can change duty in one day from a morning dress to a lunch dress or an evening dress depending on the accessories.
If a woman is looking to acquire a new piece of clothing for her wardrobe the knee length is an excellent investment. With a jacket and boots the knee length dress can be worn on a cloudy or rainy day, or out to a restaurant where snow or rain might be negotiated going from car to doorway. But with sandals and shorter sleeves, the spring or Indian summer day is perfect. A knee length dress in a filmy print or flowery challis can make excellent seasonal dressing against weather that may lean toward hot or cold extremes.
A knee length dress is a casual way (as opposed to a suit) for a professional woman to dress in the office for casual Friday without looking like she’s doing housework. A dress can mean business but remain attractive, and can be a practical washability and foldability for travel. The length of dress other than knee length is a mini or an evening gown of floor length. A knee length dress can be a tasteful way to show a shapely pair of legs or showcase specialty shoes without revealing too much skin or leg.
The closet of every woman has a knee length dress that can be worn to a meeting, to the office, to court, to dinner, or to a dining or social engagement. Tea length dresses flirt lower than the knee hem and hover around the mid-calf. These types of dresses were a transition between the formal longer dresses of the turn of the century and the shocking brevity of flapper fashion in the 1920’s. The tea length dress softened a woman’s silhouette and lengthened the eye.
Where a suit or coat and hat could be very formal, increasingly urban settings demanded a more casual but equally serviceable garment of medium coverage. A good wool dress of knee length might be worn several years in a row with updated boots, purse, scarves and jewelry and hair accessories to vary the overall presentation. A summer weight knee length dress can be “warmed up’ with a sweater or jacket for intermittent seasons.
A knee length dress follows the best fashion maxim that a woman’s body appears best when split in thirds, and the dress forms two thirds from head to waist and waist to knees. The shoulder line of knee length dresses and the dependence on the shoulder and back for support mean that for the most part a knee length dress falls in a straight line that is very flattering. From sorority parties to dinner parties, to wine tastings to business presentations, a knee length dress can outstrip a suit or cocktail gown for versatility and value.
For many years the blue jeans decades ruled, with women going about in jeans for every occasion day or night. Some women are not comfortable wearing pants for social occasions or feel that the impact of pants in the office is too masculine. The brilliant fashion solution embodied in the knee length dress is that once a woman finds a cut and manufacturer she prefers, she can buy every seasonal dress and it will complement her and suit her style.
A knee length dress can be easily found in the dresser’s favorite color. This is a must when looking to coordinate the knee length dress into an existing wardrobe of accessories, shoes, scarves, purses, and jackets. Basis colors like black, white, red, navy, green and gray are usual tones for basic knit styles. Print or woven material dresses follow a more flirty, social event scale suitable for church or warm weather social functions. A knee length dress will always be more formal than a blouse and skirt.

The Knee Length Dress

The knee-length dress in its most basic form is simply a dress that lies right at the knee of the wearer. Traditionally this length is worn as sundresses during the day or cocktail dresses for evening or more formal wear. Although this style is extremely popular in today’s society, that was not always the case.

Women’s fashions have changed considerable over time. For centuries women wore dresses or skirts that were long- long enough to at least cover their ankles, if not touching the ground. For a woman to show her legs was considered improper and racy, which is why respectable women stayed covered with long dresses. Obviously today that is no longer the case. Today wearing a dress gives women the chance to show off their legs!

Sometime during the early 1920’s women’s fashion had a change in the length of acceptable dresses. Thanks to the “flapper’s” knee-length dresses began to be worn more regularly. More importantly the lack of coverage slowly began to be acceptable in public by more classes of women. This movement helped in the styles of the 1930’s, where women started to wear day dresses that sat right around the knee very regularly. The day dresses of the 1930’s were comprised of full skirts and small waists, so not a completely new style but more skin was showing. During the 1940’s the dress length did not change much. The biggest different was that women started to wear skirts with suits, or even pants depending on their daily work (a result of WWII).

In the 1950’s there was a movement back to longer lengths in dresses. The popular style hit around the mid-calf. After the more man-like styles of women during the war, there was a desire to look more feminine, which resulted in fuller skirt styles or cute pencil skirt styles. However that conservative style did not last, because in the 1960’s mod fashion made it’s mark. That meant that shorter skirts came back with a vengeance, in fact the mini made its appearance.

Since the 1970’s women have started to mix all the different styles of the previous decades because the mindset of freedom from the 1970’s has stayed with women. Now women want the freedom to wear long skirts, or miniskirts or knee-length skirts; tight skirts or flowing skirts; suits, pants, or fringe!


Knee-length dresses really made their grand appearance on the fashion scene in the 1920s. The style was the flapper style, meaning the dress itself was a simple shift dress that was covered in colorful fringe. It was a flirty dress for flirty women.

Day-dresses are another type of knee length dress that gained popularity. These dresses were meant to be worn during daily activities. This dress supported the A-line skirt style and the straight or pencil styles.

Sundresses are very similar to day-dresses, but they are made of lighter fabrics to be worn during warmer days. These dresses are always knee-length or a little shorter. They more often than not are done with a fitted top and a full or A-line skirt (more of a shirtwaist style).

Tent-style dresses have gained popularity in the past few years. This style has no waist and is therefore not fitted to the body. It basically flows down from above the bust line, a great style to cover some extra pounds.
Popular among young women is the wrap dress and the shirt dress. Both of these dresses can be dressed up with accessories for work, and then dressed down with the right shoes for the weekend. The wrap-dress wraps around the wearer and ties closed on one side (or it is sewn closed). The shirt dress usually includes a collar and belt with buttons down the middle much like a blouse.

Recently asymmetrical hem lines have become quite popular for skirts. That asymmetrical cut is now being seen in the collar as well. This style looks best with solid, bright colors. The hem line on these dresses tends to start right above the knee and then slant across the legs and end at the mid-calf on the opposite leg.

Gaining in popularity is a style referred to as a bubble skirt. This skirt is found on semi-formal dress styles. The hem is hidden on the back of the fabric which results in a bubble formation of the fabric.

Luckily there are so many different styles and cuts for skirts and dresses that any woman can look great in a dress!

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